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AB InBev Efes Supports the Earth Hour


This is the fourth time that AB InBev Efes supports the Earth Hour – the biggest environmental event, expanding the geography of its presence in the project by adding six new regions. On March 30, the company not only turned off the lights from 20:30 to 21:30, without detriment to its production processes, but also launched a massive flashmob “Keep in Touch with the Nature” among its employees.

The “Earth Hour” is an international event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that encourages the participants to turn off the lights and domestic appliances for one hour as a symbol of commitment to the future of the planet. The major purpose of the event is to promote people’s awareness of environmental problems and to emphasize the importance of responsible use of natural resources. The Earth Hour is now the biggest environmental event that involves over 2 billion people in 188 countries around the world, when the lighting of over 18,000 architectural monuments is turned off. This year, the motto of the Earth Hour in Russia was “Be Responsible for the Nature!”. The organizers encouraged the participants to share their opinions about the state of environment in their regions and learn what measures need to be taken as a contribution to improvement of environmental situation so that tangible results are seen by the Earth Hour next year.

This event is not about energy saving – the sole initial goal. Its primary goal is to enhance people’s awareness of depleting natural resources. The company encouraged its employees to make small and environmentally significant steps while having some quality time. Acting individually or in groups, representatives of this company organized campaigns for the people to bring old clothes, appliances, tires and other things that can be recycled and used again. The company also printed a simple guide on environmental solutions for the households, suggesting that people should spend the Earth Hour together with their friends at home or outdoors, or join the activities in their cities and share photographs and videos hash-tagged #ABInBevEfes_hour60.

Our sustainable growth strategy and business scope assist in finding local solutions for global problems. Environmental responsibility begins with personal responsibility and small steps. We consider these events to be of great importance, that is why we always take part in them and endeavor to contribute as much as we can”

Oraz Durdyev, Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, AB InBev Efes

Participation in the Earth Hour is a logical addition to the efforts of the company as a socially responsible business. AB InBev Efes remains committed to the tradition of environmental events and community cleanup days, promoting its project “Cleaning the Springs Together!” for over 9 years now, seeking to make its production facilities for energy-efficient, reducing water consumption per liter of finished product, and supporting local agribusinesses and manufacturers.