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Family Talk

Family Talk

About the program

Reducing alcohol drinking among adolescents is critical from a public health perspective. Alcohol use puts young people at increased risk for a range of short- and long-term harms and is a cause of concern for health services, policy-makers, youth workers, teachers, and parents. Family Talk is a program that helps parents, psychologists and teachers talk to the kids about alcohol, underage drinking and responsible choices.

Family Talk is an underage drinking prevention program that we started in 2012. More than just a set of rules, Family Talk is a supportive community that allows parents and teachers to learn new ideas and ask questions about how best to tackle the problem of underage drinking and prevent children from alcohol.

In Russia, the program was developed by the experts of Federation of Psychologists of Education of Russian Federation. The initiative has been recognized by experts and professional community. Being Russian Beer Union project, Family talk workshops conducted in 21 regions so far.

Targeting parents, teachers and families has been shown to be successful in preventing alcohol use among adolescents. During the workshop participants are working on building positive family relationships and the role of parents in shaping children's and youths' health behaviours.

In 2019 Family talk will be re-launched in a new format. New channels and formats will be added to support parents and teachers throughout their child's life.